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17TSR Oversized pulley څرخ سیستم

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17TSR Carbon Fiber Bike Rear Derailleur Pulleys Jockey Wheel Ceramic Bearing Ultralight Bicycle Product description *12/17T super large size guide wheel set system *Saves 45% chain friction resistance compared to 11T guide wheels” *Ceramic bearing version saves more than 2.2 watts of average power compared to the original transmission system *Full carbon fiber guide arm *Full 7075 aluminum alloy CNC cutting lightweight guide wheel and TC4 titanium alloy spindle *Color: Anode red, ename...

  • : د FOB د بیو د 0.5 د امریکا د $ - 9.999 / ټوټه
  • Min.Order مقدار: 100 ټوټه / ټوټې
  • رسولو وړتیا: 10000 ټوټه / هره مياشت ټوټې
  • بندر: د شيزهان
  • د تادیاتو اصطلاحات: L / C، D / A، D / P، T / T
  • د محصول د تفصیلي

    design concept

    د محصول د نښانونه

    17TSR کاربن فایبر موټرسايکل شا Derailleur Pulleys Jockey Wheel لوستر پلی Ultralight بایسکل


    د تولید ځانګړتیاوې

    * 12 / 17T سوپر لوی اندازه لارښود څرخ ټولګه سیستم

    * سپمولي 45٪ کړۍ درز مقاومت ته 11T لارښود څرخ په پرتله "

    * لوستر ميوه نسخه 2.2 څخه زيات د اصلي دانتقال سيستم په پرتله د منځنۍ قدرت واټه

    * بشپړ کاربن فایبر لارښود مټ

    * بشپړ 7075 المونیم الیاژ CNC د قلمو سپکو لارښود څرخ او TC4 تیتانیوم الیاژ spindle

    *Color: Anode red, enamel, blue, gold, green

    * 17TSR لپاره SRAM سيال ځواک سور مناسب

    * لوستر bearing ورژن رګه لوستر bearing ورژن NSK فولادو پلی ورژن

    * وزن: 63 ګرامه

    * د کلالي ميوه نسخه ده د پوالدو ميوه نسخه په پرتله 1.2 ګرامه سپک


     1.Different from other brands with eccentric designs, we designed these two products adopting the SRAM concentric design. The benefit of such design is that it won’t have any negative impact on neither the crisp shifting feel nor the tooth capability of the cassette nor 

    This is also the exact reason why Shimano ceased the production of 6800/9000 and upgraded their design to R8000/9100.

    Therefore, we choose 12T/17T over 17T/17T.

    Compared to original transmission system with 11T pulley, our products decrease friction resistance by 45%, ceramic bearing pulleys save more than 2.2 watts on average with each pedaling, increase shifting speed by 20-26%. Enhanced chain stability by implementing narrow-wide tooth upper pulley for more accurate and crisper shifting.


    2.Extended tooth for lower pulley, to prevent chains from coming off.

    One thing to clarify is that, it’s not wise to implement narrow-wide tooth to any situation.

    Yes, narrow-wide tooth provides better stability, but it is achieved at the cost of more friction resistance. As designers and manufacturers, we aim to be adaptable, to provide different products for different occasions, to suit your need best, not bragging a certain “high tech” which looks fancy but brings negative impact for your experience.


    3. Titanium alloy CNC shaft.

    To pursue the goal of lightweight, we overcame as many obstacles as possible, even it’s just for 2-4 grams of improvement. Shafts of products for ETAP and mechanical are both made of 6/4 titanium alloy. Even in original SRAM products, titanium shafts are only available with RED RD, not even ETAP, ETAP shafts are made of steel.


    4.Patent design for ultra-lightweight concentric upper pulley structure.

    One 7075CNC screw to fasten 7 pieces. Easy to maintain or customize while remain light and durable. 


    ولې derailleur pulley څرخ ځای

    لومړی، اوږدې پسرلي مقام حد شي بېرته د تشنج په پراخه توګه عیار، د اصلي کمزوری تېرېږي کمزورتیا ښه کړي، او د پورته او ښکته کړۍ تشنج لارښود څرخ او cogs تر منځ ډیر په مناسبه توګه جوړ کړي.

    دوهم، د تماس غاښ شمیر یا کنترول کړۍ او د شا derailleur 17T cogs تر منځ د غاښونو د شمېر په ترڅ کې کالی بدلون نور، دا یوازې غواړم چې د منځني او د ځینو لښتو دواړو خواوو، د کنټرول د قوي لويو د کنترول په لږڅه، د برېښنا د بدلوونکي.

    په نهایت کې، وروسته د قفس د تناوب کږه ډیزاینول، د مشرانو لارښود څرخ او د cogs تر منځ واټن دی ښه شوی دی.


    نصب ګامونه

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    1.Fist, find the screw of pulley wheel cage in the back of rear derailleur

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    2.Remove the screw with cross tip Screwdriver

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    3.Pull out the screw

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    4. Remove and grease the screw and spring before assembly the new 12-17T carbon cade

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    5. We suggest fix the spring in the left hole for the first time assembly

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    6. Grease the titanium axle before assembly new cage

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    7. Push the spring in the hole

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    8. Clockwise rotate the cage andpush into rear derailleur

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    9. Push all when make sure the positioning post right in the position

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    10. Push back the screw in the hole and fix with cross tip screwdrive

    17TSR- 中 英文 说明书

    11. Finish

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  • Concentric swing system.

    SRAM has been on a different path when it comes to RD design. While Shimano and CP prefer eccentric structure, SRAM chooses concentric structure. With eccentric RD structure, the RD shifting suffers from the length difference of chain between different FD positions. If there is no FD, eccentric design is just perfect for the impact from the shifting curve from cassette to the chain length change, just like what SRAM has done for 1X system, which fulfill both the need for speedy shifting and stability.

    The new Shimano DA9100 and R8000 are implementing concentric upper pulley design, which is just another example of the excellency of such design, the relatively fixed position of the upper pulley prevents negative impacts from both jumpy surface and FD shifting, ensures the accuracy and speed of RD shifting.

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