• Axis Wikipedia

    Axis, is mounted on the frame for connection within five pass around the crank rotating parts. General sports car common square holes, splines, and one-piece three kinds. A square hole axis  Square hole axis is most common, because two are square, so easy to identify. It is based on the tradition...
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  • MTB bike Encyclopedia

    Mountain biking, originated in the United States, 1974 Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, Tom Ritchey wanted a possible road bike riding outside, away from the “police cars and buildings”, so they began to install parts and motorcycle parts before World War II into a single rugged beach car....
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  • Cycling Category

    Road Cycling (Roadbicycle)Used on a smooth road surface used vehicles, due to the smaller resistance smooth pavement, road bike design considerations greater speed, often use can reduce the drag handle the next bend, a narrow high-pressure low-resistance tire, gear compared high, and the wheel di...
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